The one in the middle is the one you usually want…isn’t it?

Shopping at Gasko’s (in New Jersey) is always fun. It’s one of our favorite spots to shop…from early spring to late fall.

A different angle…

You can change the look of a flower, plant, or entire garden simply by changing your angle. Move to the side…or up above…like this view. A slightly different angle can make a big difference. Try it.

I like Blackwings…

I like Blackwing pencils. They write very smoothly. They can’t roll off a table. The pencils have their own slogan, “Half the pressure, twice the speed.” You can even replace the eraser. All of that is great.

The reason I really like them is the story behind the company. No, I’m not going to tell you the story. You’ll have to go here to find out about it.

Including stories in your writing and public speaking makes a big difference. Stories make things interesting and sell.

Stories make a difference…even with pencils.

A quarter each, 3 for a dollar.

Teachers have an on-going problem. Students come unprepared. Often, they don’t have a pen to write with. If you let a student borrow a pen, it will probably never return. If you don’t provide one the teacher is “mean.” When I was a middle school teacher I came up with a simple solution. I put a note on the chalk board that looked like this:

Selling Bic pens was not meant to be a profitable business. However, it served a purpose. And, adding a bit of humor made it a fun activity. Several students deliberately got 3 in order to take advantage of the “deal.” Adding humor can make an otherwise serious activity much easier on everyone.


Is this picture perfect? Some people think that the background is a distraction. You can see some greenery and bricks. Other people may question the flower’s colors. They’ve seen nicer colors. A few people would add that it is in the center, thereby ignoring the “rule of thirds.” None would say it’s a perfect photo.

The good news is that it was never meant to be. I have no idea what a perfect photo is, since I’ve never seen one. Every photo that I’veĀ ever seen, including those by such famous photographers as Ansel Adams, has been criticized in some way.

I happen to like this flower. That’s all. If you do, great. If you don’t, sorry.

Perfection is truly in the eye of the cynic. It doesn’t exist, so try less hard to find it.

Space is valuable…don’t waste it.

It’s true. Supermarkets are much smarter than the average professional…doctor, lawyer, writer, photographer, and on and on. Supermarkets know the value of space. If something doesn’t sell, they won’t keep it on the shelf. Every foot counts.

Professionals on the other hand, give away valuable space…on their business card. The backs of most business card are empty. For a few extra dollars they can have more information that could be a value to your customers. Don’t waist the back of your business card…space is valuable.