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Presenting without a laptop…

Here’s the presenter’s view of one of my presentations seen on an iPhone

You do not need your laptop to present. Don’t panic, that doesn’t mean you can’t use slides. You can use your iPhone almost as easily as you can use your laptop. You can prepare slides as you normally do, using PowerPoint or Keynote. Your iPhone can be used to send your slides to your projector. I use Keynote on my iPhone. I convert slides made from PowerPoint into Keynote. You’ll need the Keynote app on your iPhone, of course. The only tricky part is how to connect your iPhone and your screen. I use a little adaptor from Apple to connect my iPhone to a projector. There are other ways depending on the way you project. You should check in advance what the projector setup will be at the place you plant to present. Using your iPhone makes your presentation extremely portable.

All of my presentations are in my pocket…are yours?

New iPhoneography Workshop for Non-Techies


The iPhone is today’s Brownie Hawkeye! It’s the most often used camera today.

One of the problems I’ve encountered when doing iPhoneography workshops is that some of the audience looks like they are in a trance when I mention something that’s a bit technology oriented. They also cringe if I mention expressions like exposure, shutter speed, and ISO.

So…I’ve designed what I consider to be a practical, hands-on, and tech-free workshop to show folks how to get the most out of their iPhones. It’s called iPhoneography for Non-Techies.

If you’re organization is interested please contact me for availability.