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Exercise Your Brain using Old Photos on eBay


Did you ever think that you could exercise your brain using eBay? I think you can…using old photos. You can search eBay for tons of vintage photos. Most have little information about the history of the photo. Here’s where the brain exercise comes in. Using clues you can find on the old photos you will be surprised how much you can learn about them.

Maureen Taylor, known as the Photo Detective, has plenty of information to help you. She has several books that you can use. She’s also available to help you through personal consultations and she can speak to your group.

Learn a little, exercise your brain, and have fun with old photos. It’s a win, win, win!

Save Your Family

Murray and Family in Poland

Family memories fade! Pictures help. Unfortunately, a picture alone will be useless in a few decades.

When you take a family photo it’s important to describe who’s who…in writing…preferably on the back of the photo. [The folks from the Pic Scanner App made a very important point: “Don’t caption photos with ballpoint or ink pens: they smudge, leave emboss marks. Use acid-free/archival pen or soft pencil.”]

My father came from Poland during the 1930s. Before he left Europe this family photo was taken. All except two of the people in the family were victims of Nazi execution. My father and his brother were the only ones to survive. Incidentally, my father is #9. The problem is that this is the only photo that survived. Unfortunately, the paper that described who was who has been lost…forever. Writing a caption is one of the best ways of preserving your family heritage.

Write captions…and save your family!