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A Tale of Two Webinars

In the past few days, I sat through two photo related webinars. They were very different.

The first was an hour long advertisement. None of the information gained can be used without their products. According to the online info, about 8 people (including me) were listening to the webinar. I’d guess few bought the product that was being sold.

The second was an hour long collection of immediately useful information. If I were a young photographer I would have learned a lot about photography in a very short time. It provided practical information that could be used immediately. At the end of the hour, they did suggest taking their online course that seemed to be equally useful for a young photographer. I would have signed up for it immediately. Incidentally, according to the online info, more than 600 people were listening to the webinar. I’m sure that many signed on for the course.

The moral…sell less and provide more free…useful…information.