Conventional Wisdom vs. Facts …for making your own website.

Conventional wisdom says that your website has to look very professional. Very professional meaning that it is made carefully using the latest HTML or better yet, made using WordPress. The “worst” way to create a professional site, according to the gurus, is to use Blogger, even though Blogger is free and easy to use.

Would you be happy with a site that gets about one million visitors a month…and earns about ten thousand dollars a month using three paid ads? Go look at Strobist┬áby David Hobby. It’s made with Blogger!

What conventional wisdom didn’t bother to consider is that if a site is jam packed with useful information folks will flock to it…for years.

It reminds me of what Edwin Land (the creator of Polaroid) said: “Marketing is what you do when your product is no good.” It’s better to have your website stand out with information rather than for it’s glitz.