Winter is a good time for photography…

I don’t know about you, but I don’t take many pictures during the winter. I don’t like the cold, hate the snow, and am afraid of falling on ice. Yuck!

However, that shouldn’t mean you put your cameras away until spring. Here’s what I suggest.

Find your camera’s instruction manual or download a copy. Although most of us get a camera and put the manual away, they actually can be very helpful. You will probably find things your camera can do that you didn’t know. Winter is a good time to read because there isn’t much else to do besides go to work and watch TV.

Look around the house and the backyard. Find something, or someone, to photograph that you haven’t tried to take a picture of before. Dogs, for example, are great subjects. If you are taking pictures out of the window, a zoom lens is helpful.

Go through your old photos and make prints of the good ones. Hang them up…even if it’s just on your refrigerator.

When you go through your old photos look at them with a critical eye. What’s good about them? What isn’t it? How could you have made them better?

Learn how to use software that can make photos look better. You can get PhotoShop and Lightroom for about ten bucks a month. Although they are difficult to learn, the rewards are worth it.

Finally, start thinking about what photos you’d like to take in the spring. Make a plan.

Yes. There is plenty to do in the winter…when it comes to photography. Enjoy.