Digital Point-and-Shoot Cameras: Pros and Cons

Sales of digital point-and-shoot cameras are tanking. Nikon recently announced it is closing a factory in China. So why be interested in digital point-and-shoot cameras? Here are some Pros and Cons:


  • They are relatively cheap compared to DSLRs.
  • They are relatively small.
  • Most have zoom capabilities (that your iPhone does not have)!
  • They allow you to set exposure to some degree.


  • Most do not fit into your pocket as easily as your smartphone does.
  • The lenses are not very fast. You need the flash in low light (and you often end up with red eyes).
  • They aren’t as good as “real” DSLR cameras as far as ability to make adjustments and the quality of images.

The biggest advantages of point-and-shoot camera are their ability to zoom in and adjust exposure. When smartphones can zoom and adjust exposure point-and-shoot cameras will go into photographic history like the Instamatics have.