Three types of complainers…

There are three basic types of complainers.

When I complain I usually do it with my feet. If I don’t like food or service, for example, I never return to the restaurant. That’s an example of the silent complainer.

My wife is a bit more vocal, she tells me when something is bad. She never tells “them.” She’s a vocal complainer. Don’t mistake her for the silent complainer who simply doesn’t go back. She will spread the word.

And finally, there’s the arrogant complainer. He’s the one who will complain to your face…even if you did nothing wrong. He just wants to criticize.

The arrogant ones are difficult to satisfy. All you can do is be polite, fix the problem, and hope they do not return. It’s the others who are more difficult to satisfy…and they are the ones you really should try to satisfy. Provide a path for them to complain. Often, they will tell you things you really need to know.

Complainers can help your business, if you let them.